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Rudhra Kotiswarar Temple

Rudhrakotiswarar Temple

Arulmigu Abiraama nayagi and Sri Rudhrakotiswarar Temple-Thirukalukundram
அருள்மிகு ருத்திர கோட்டீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில் - திருக்கழுக்குன்றம்

Thirukalukundram Arulmigu Rudhrakotiswarar Temple is Famous Shiva Temple In Tamilnadu India

Arulmigu Rudhrakotiswarar Temple History

Thirukalukundram Temple History

      Rudhrakotiswarar is a hindu temple dedicated to God Shiva located in thirukalukundram, Thirukazhukundram Rudhrakotiswarar Shiva Temple is one of the most famous shiva temple in Tamil Nadu, In thirukalukundram Temple God Name is Shree Rudhrakotiswarar and Amman name is Shree Rudhrakotiswari Amman also known as Abhirami Nayaki,God Rudhrakotiswarar is a swayambu in this temple. Another popular name of this holy place is Rudrakoti , which also is mentioned in one of the Puranas. A koti (ten millions) of have worshipped Rudhrakotiswarar deity and got relieved of their curse. Hence, the main deity is called as Sri Rudhrakodeeswarar. Thirukalukundram Rudhrakotiswarar Temple is one of the 276 Thevaram Padal Petra Sthalams of Lord Shiva. .This thirukalukundram temple is about 2600 years old.One k.m east of Vedhagiriswarar temple, the Rudhrakotiswarar Temple is older than the Vedhagirswarar temple.

Lord Shiva created crores of Rudra's from his body to kill the monsters that were hurting the earth. From the plateau caused by the excavation, there monsters with grotesque shapes with multiple heads, creating unimaginable inflicting suffering to devas. He then summoned the Rudras asked them to destroy the monsters team of at once. They, feared the sins that would accrue to them as a result of slaying the monsters. Lord Shiva listened to the Rudras and comforted them saying they could atone their sins by praying Lord Vedhagireeswarar, in Earth.

The one Crore Rudras then slayed the monsters as per Lord Shiva’s instruction and then came down to Earth to pay obeisance to Lord Vedhagireeswarar. Rudhras were extremely pleased by the ambience at the Lord’s shiva temple and the appearance of the mountain. As the Rudhras neared the temple, Lord Shiva transformed himself into one Crore Shivalingas so as to enable the Rudhras individually atone their sins by performing poojas and other deed including reciting prayers, showering the shiva linga with pure scented water and fragrant flowers.God shiva (vedhagiriswarar ) immensely pleased with the prayers of the Rudhras transformed himself and showed his real form to the Rudhras by consuming all the one crore Shivalingas into lord vedhagiriswarar heart. . The Rudhras unanimously requested the Lord shiva to grant them the boon of naming the land they worshipped Lord Shiva after them and hence the place was rightly named “Rudrakodiswarar Temple”.